3dM Image Analyser

Measuring 3D realities with our “3dM Image Analyser” is at the heart of our proposition.

“3dM” is short for 3D Metrics, the trading name of Smart Knowledge Management, a company set up by mathematician and software designer Sabine K McNeill, formerly a software diagnostician at CERN.

A gallery of images and a blog describe more about her private and independent research, as well as the interest and support she has received so far.

One of her innovations is a new approach to analysing digital images. With this technique, photos, as well as images from microscopes and telescopes, can be analysed using the following functions:

  1. Individual “teaching images” will be analysed according to their components and patterns
    • “Reference images” define contrast and colour ranges so that images originating from different technologies can be compared
    • “Model images” define individual components so that they can be identified in similar images, e.g. an image of your cat or your blood cells will help us recognize the cat and blood cells in other images
  2. Series of images will be organised according to
    • Selection criteria based on image components or patterns, e.g. we can find all images that contain grass patterns, once you’ve uploaded a model image of grass
      • Picking images based on differentiating between image components
    • Sorting criteria based on differences between images
      • Identical images can be identified, eliminated or compared for differences due to the imaging technology
      • Minor and major differences can be spotted between images as a whole as well as their particular components
    • Ranking criteria based on your choice of significance regarding the qualities describing the images.

    While our approach is so generic that it applies to images from cameras, microscopes and telescopes, it has not been possible to get funding and pay programmers to develop a commercial service. Hence we are asking:

    • Are you likely to use “3dM Image Analyser” to look at your images with your browser?
      • If yes, please let us know your anticipated requirements:
        • Number of images already collected: hundreds / thousands
        • To be processed in future:  number per day / week / month / in real time
        • Anticipated usage:
          • Home / Freelance / Business / Academia
          • Application area
          • Selecting special images that stick out
          • Sorting images for better retrieval
          • Ranking images for attributing significance.
        • How much would you be willing to pay per month?
          €10, less than €50 / less than €100 / less than €1000 / more than €1000
    • Would you be willing to become a “developer-client” to “pay now, use later” and benefit from a cheaper price, once the service is ready?
      • If yes, please email [email protected] when you would be willing to pledge how much money:
        • If not now, when?
        • As soon as we have a development team together with requirements for time and money.

    Thank you for your feedback!

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