The Header Images

English: Red and white blood cells are shown t...

The image pairs above show the different kinds of input that our prototype software can accept: multi-dimensional data and digital images

  • greyscale or colour
  • produced with Terahertz or any other microscopic technology
  • produced by any kind of telescope

and what it produces:

  • re-visualisations for the human eye – with the benefit of new depth and perspective
  • Proprietary ‘metadata’ makes ‘software vision’ possible – with the functionality for comparing, sorting and ranking images
  • internal ‘image metrics’ is used for image processing – for the purpose of quantifying patterns, shapes and objects.

Image examples show: stem cells, sickle cells, red and white blood cells, Cassiopeia, the birth of a super nova, brain scans produced with a functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging device.

What is 3dM Software?

English: Some of the basic elements of the sci...

“3dM Softwareis

This leads to possible applications in many areas, such as:

1. bio- and life sciences:

  • biology: to investigate cell types
  • pharma: to control the quality of drugs
  • medicine: to diagnose with better reliability and to assess the effects of drugs

2. natural sciences:

  • chemistry: to quantify toxicity and other complex qualities
  • materials: to research their qualities, especially when bonding with other materials
  • metrology: to establish references for standards at nanoscale and below.

3. web services:

  • sorting and ranking images
  • comparing and correlating multi-dimensional data
  • quantifying processes over different time intervals.