About 3D Metrics [3dM]

3D Metrics is about measuring 3D realities “virtually”, by using new sophisticated software methods based on proprietary algorithms of a highly generic nature.

This site presents the work in a new way, after a previous one has been viewed over 80,000 times.

Legally, it is the trading name of a company registered by the inventor, a former software diagnostician at CERN.

Ideally, ‘strategic co-developers’ will respond, as they see the potential and want to co-create a solution for their field of expertise.

For the potential is marvellous: the methods turn software into a new tool of investigation. Comparable to the invention of a slide rule,

  • complex data can be investigated with a “datascope”
  • multi-interval forecasts can be compared with realities such that the system can fine tune its parameters and learn from its predictions
  • images can be analysed and classified with “numerical metadata”.

The philosophical implications of this invention are the subject of my exploration about The 3D Metric Universe.

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or a German gallery of more images and examples of re-visualizations, as proof of the virtual measuring concept and the principles for measuring the immeasurable in 4D and nD on 2D screens.