Practical Applications

Just as the right horse needs to be selected for the right course, different methods lend themselves to different applications, depending on the degree of specialisation.

3dM image analysis will help

  • to spot differences – between good and faulty materials
  • to control quality – of drugs and other nanoscale products
  • to set tolerances – for tests of stress or other measures.

Our own project: Differentiating Cell Types

3dM data visualization will help

  • see correlations – between the parameters of complex data sets
  • watch the prime contributors of effects in complex situations
  • sort the priorities of parameters due to their weight and influence.

Our own project: Climate Monitoring Portal

3dM forecasting will help

  • verify historic projections
  • anticipate short-, medium- and long-term developments
  • plan within windows and bandwidths of certainties.

Our own project: Ethical Investment Network

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