Compare & Contrast

Conventional metrology is based on the international (SI) units meter / kilogram / second, i.e. the physics of mass in the metrology of time and space.

3D Metrics is based on visualizing data and images on 2D screens, i.e. the quantification and visualization of pixels.

As a consequence, the qualities that are underlying the physics, chemistry or biology of data and images can be newly quantified.

Underlying qualities depend on the context, the scale and the measuring tools used. While we use the human eye for measuring as we keep comparing, our ‘software vision’ goes deeper and further: we offer to build expert portals, where the qualities that you want to quantify are embedded in vocabularies, for input by experts and interfaces by end users.

Data from the CIA World Factbook

Data from the CIA World Factbook

These 208 layers show CO2 emissions from 208 world regions.

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