In chronological order, the first presentation I was invited to give was by the Natural Computing Applications Forum in Burton Manor, Liverpool:

01) 2007 / May / 22: the Special Theme was “Analysis of Multimodal and High-Dimensional Data” and thus perfect for me to demonstrate my prototype software. I only added two slides.

02) 2008 / Apr / 10:  Investigating Toxicity by Quantifying Images – Adding Machine Vision to Human Views – was the presentation we were invited to give to the Technology Transfer Awared Committee of the Wellcome Trust.

03) 2008 / Mar / 11: Informatics II – the conference of the Chromatographic Society on Informatics and Data Visualization, where I presented New Measures for Science through Quantifying Images in Winchester.

04) 2008 / Oct / 15: Visual and Metric 3D – How to process reference images and display resolution to pave way for reliable automation – at the conference on Medical Displays by the UK Display and Lighting KTN (Knowledge Transfer Network) in London.

05) 2008 / Oct / 22: I presented Virtual Measuring on Screen as part of a conference on Emerging Technologies in Environmental Measurements in Sheffield.

06) 2008 / Nov / 04: an Innovation Pitch was asked for at a conference on Medical Monitoring Devices, organised by the Electronics KTN in London.

07) 2008 / Nov / 12: Prof. Marc Desmulliez from the Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering School at Heriot Watts University Edinburgh invited me to give a seminar, and I presented Visual and Metric 3D – How to process reference images and display resolution to pave way for reliable automation.

08) 2008: Posters @ NPL Conference: National Physics Laboratory, Teddington

09) 2008 / Dec / 10: Genesis is a large annual conference of the London Biotechnology Network, where I was invited to present Visual and Metric 3D – On the Benefits of ‘Software Vision’ for Medical and Bio-Applications – at the BERR Conference Centre in London Victoria Street.

10) 2008 / Dec / 10: on the same day, Qi3 organised a Protein Analysis workshop across the road where I replaced a speaker who had cancelled last minute.

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