I shall not list all the proposals that have been ignored or rejected. But I want to record those experiences that I consider significant:

1. The London Development Agency

  • Despite my explicit request, the Senior Project Manager – Business Grants, Gary Hellen, from the London Development Agency (LDA) passed my confidential documents to three organisations where I’ll never know the names of the individuals.
  • In contrast, Emma Shelley from the LDA was quite swift in handing over £8,000 to the London Metropolitan University and £6,000 to 3D Metrics, so that, together, we would develop a Multi-Purpose Monitoring Station.
  • Follow-up funding was not available though. So what’s the point, one wonders?

2. The Wellcome Trust

3. The Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC)

  • It so happened that I had met Dr. Alex Efimov from Qi3 at the UK @ CERN exhibition. As UK Technology Transfer Officer, he was among those who immediately saw the value of my prototype sofware.
  • Following my conversation with Dr. Sarah Webb from STFC, Alex suggested to make a joint application with Prof. Steve Lloyd, using Grid technology for the purpose of Differentiating Cell Types. But it never happened…

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