Health Benefits

The Wellcome Trust always needs to know the ‘health benefits’ of any new technology. But as a mathematician and software designer, it is hard for me to express the advantages of my software in terms of patients, medical care and health.

However, I put together a few presentations that use images from a medical context, to illustrate the advantages of “Visual and Metric 3D”:

  1. Sickle cells
  2. Stem cells
  3. MRI scans
  4. Mammographs

The benefits are on three levels of functionality:

  • individual images offer new visual perspectives
  • sets of images can be sorted and ranked according to numerical criteria
  • single images can be selected from groups according to new quantifications and measures.

In terms of healthcare, this means that

  • individual images can clarify diagnostic uncertainties
  • preventive scans can be checked by the thousands
  • thus allowing to establish levels of standards, references and tolerance, with respect to conditions of health or illness.