Traceable Metrology

Advances in Traceable Nanoscale Metrology was a talk by Prof. Richard Leach from NPL that I heard with great interest at the Institute of Physics in March 09. I have uploaded the 50 slides in 5 parts and will create my equivalent to compare and contrast.

I have not investigated how the measuring units of my 3D metric framework may be traceable to the basic SI units m / kg / sec, because there are too many of them, and the ‘routes’ to the SI units will vary.

But key is the absence of uncertainty: every data set will reveal the same numerical correlations, and every image the same newness of qualities that can be investigated numerically with ‘software vision’.

Traceability defined by Prof. Richard Leach

Traceability defined by Prof. Richard Leach

And I have investigated how ‘3dM qualities’ address problems that can currently not be solved: depending on the context and scale, they quantify ‘nesses’ or qualities such as different kinds of

  • hardness
  • stiffness
  • and softness

or the qualities of materials such as

  • porosity
  • homogeneity
  • granularity

or whatever one is looking for in an image or by comparing multi-dimensional data and microscopic images.

Advances in Traceable Nanotechnology: slides 1 – 17 ; 18 – 25; 26 – 28; 29 – 45; 46 – 50

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