Functional Benefits

The functionality provided by any expert portal we’ll build, depends on the client.

The key is the distinction between levels of end user and expert user. Benefits will thus be experience on two very different levels.

Expert users benefit from:

  • being able to define qualitative measuring units within the context of their area of specialisation, thereby creating ‘reference vocabularies’
  • the software’s ability to gather minimum and maximum values from vast collections of images, thereby setting ‘tolerance levels’ for measures and learning collectively
  • seeing more detail in individual images, while benefiting from the ability to scan across many images.

End users benefit from:

  • the expertise embedded in the system
  • more information being taken into consideration before conclusions are reached, thereby relying on them with more confidence
  • less uncertainty inherent in any measurement, as the same phenomenon can be investigated with different imaging technologies that are entirely reproducable.
Expert Portal Users

Expert Portal Users

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