Promoting Software Online

 I publish a number of websites with various areas of concern:

  • the wonderful potential of my three innovative software methods – to be customised and tailored for “smart knowledge” management systems – with remarkable benefits of automation and optimisation, based on new quantifications with new levels of  precision
  • the analysis of “dishonest money” as the CAUSE of financial, monetary and economic ills as the core issue of the Forum for Stable Currencies – with meetings at Westminster since 1998
  • the support of “victims of white collar crimes” as the EFFECT of a dishonest money system.

And now I’m adding software and services that are ready to be purchased so that I get commission payments with “hoplinks” that identify my website as the source of information:

Registry Winner – a multi-language registry cleaner: $30.70 – Click Here!

Live Satellite TV on PC – watch free television: $15.51 – Click Here!

Password Resetter for Windows – maybe cheaper than a computer doctor: $22.41 – Click Here!

Perfect Uninstaller – will need to buy this, too, for $26.70 – Click Here!