Proprietary Image Metrics

Compared with existing imaging analysis software, our approach differs fundamentally.

On a step-by-step level, the following takes place:

  1. an image is input with tags as descriptors for the image as a whole and for its components
  2. the tags are stored in a domain- or client-specific vocabulary
  3. the length scale is indicated
  4. the image is analysed according to our multi-dimensional approach, and image-specific parameters are stored in a data base regarding the image as a whole
  5. image components are analysed according to regions of interest or ‘zoomable areas’
  6. subsequent images can then be compared numerically according to indicators regarding the image as a whole and its components
  7. series of images are used to find averages across values that are presented to expert users
  8. reference images are used to produce repeatable values for parameter settings of the imaging technology
  9. less skilled users benefit from the system that improves as its data base of images and derived values grows.

On a visual level, our re-visualizations are unique and will offer many options for customisation and tailoring.

On a metric level, we will deliver those measures that are inherent in images and that have meaning and value to whoever produced them.

On a cybernetic level, the system lives of a continuous feedback loop between

  • our “software vision” for image analysis and metrics
  • our “software lenses” for human investigation of focus and perspective
  • sophisticated parametrisation of data base input and retrieval.

English gallery with albums of images.

German gallery with different albums and different images.