3dM Software As A Service

Software As A Service is another term for a ‘web service’, i.e. you don’t install it on your machine but use it via your browser.

Our first demo was www.3dmetrics.net. It demonstrated daily and weekly forecasts upon request, but is less than a minute version of what is possible since it was written.

By now, there are three grand areas of application:

  1. Layering Complex Data – the 3d metric data visualization
  2. Re-Visualizing Digital Images – the 3d metric image analysis
  3. Forecasting any Time Series – the 3d metric forecasting method

For inverstors, it means income streams from subscriptions and server installations.

For clients, it means paying subscriptions for certain amounts of data or images to process over a certain time period.

It can also mean paying license fees for private server installations.

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