What does it Measure?

As a system that is complementary to the one that is based on the international SI units of meter, kilogram and second, 3D Metrics measures QUALITIES.

3D Metrics compared with traceable metrology

The qualities depend on the context and the scale in which either data or images have been recorded.

Examples are complex phenomena such as homogeneity or porosity, besides the ‘redness’ or ‘paleness’ of a cell.

In images, qualities refer to

  • shapes
  • objects
  • and patterns

which are defined by the expert who is familiar with the image and what it represents.

Colours and contrasts relate to the intensities of these qualities that only experts can interpret.

Hence it is crucial to ’embed’ the interpretive knowledge of experts in vocabularies. It then can be combined with the repeatable accuracy of the quantifications of the ‘software lenses‘ of our ‘software vision’.

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